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Hello again and welcome to our second newsletter.

A big thank you to those of you who commented positively about our first effort. We also had a couple of not so nice remarks….*%@+*#*” to you too!!!!

Right, with that out of the way let’s get down to business.

It’s summer now, well officially anyway, so we looked in, on top, behind and underneath all our cupboards and we found some real treasures (I use that word in the widest sense).


So in order to make room to collect some more we thought we should get rid of some of it. We are therefore having a massive clearance sale from Saturday the 30th of June till Saturday the 14th of July. Please come along/send someone to have a look, and remember: One person’s clutter is another person’s treasure (or something like that!! ).



When we first started to manufacture the Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter I Googled it and to my surprise there was a once critically endangered Pink Pigeon, native to the Island of Mauritius. In 1993, the wild population was estimated at only 21 birds. We also found out that there was a conservation program by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on the Island of Jersey. We contacted them, wanting to donate a part of the profits to the fund but somehow we don’t think they took us seriously and never got back to us. Thankfully as of 2002, there are around 350 birds in the wild and the project is fast approaching its target of 500 individuals.


‘A global survey of 100 of the world's most exciting and important young product designers, as selected by 10 renowned design experts’says Phaidon Books. We can proudly announce that we’ve have been working with three of them for several years now. André Klauser, Alexander Taylor and Dominic Wilcox are all featured with great images of the Solitaire, Antlers, Honesty Stamps and the War Bowl. For the USA launch of the book during the recent ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York, Dominic came up with a new stamp ‘You are by far the most talented person I know’.

  10 questions  

Installment No.2 for our 10 random questions. This time we forced André Klauser to answer those. That’ll teach him for mocking it last time!!


1. What’s in your lunchbox? Muesli, with a variety of fruit features heavily at the moment. Half a year ago it would have been Franco's pasta, but moving studio has put it out of my daily reach.

2. Your guiltiest pleasure? I eat a lot of biscuits, but I do share.

3. What is your most precious possession? I would say "my laptop", but I suppose it will have to be my glasses. I'd just be useless without them (and couldn't use my laptop).

4. What’s your favourite London bus route? The 73 from Stoke Newington to Victoria. Even if I haven't used it in a long time. During my first 3 years in London, I lived in Stoke Newington and this bus would get me into town or college if it was a rainy day and I couldn't get myself to cycle. They also ran the Routemaster then and had some great characters as conductors.


5. Bring back......? Nostalgia.

6. The soundtrack of your life, who’s on it? Motown and Def Jam. But I'm sure I'll get the taste for Classical and Jazz any time soon.

7. You’re a breed of dog. Which one and why? A beagle. I think Snoopy is a beagle.

8. What’s missing in the world? An extra hour in the day.

9. You wish you had a pound for every time you said...? "...with milk please."

10. Whatever were they thinking when they designed...? ... the Euro. Bad design is most annoying if it's in things that you can't choose to avoid. The European currency is an example of this. In an attempt to achieve a consensus between all participating countries, the outcome is lacking of any character or personality. What a wasted opportunity !


well Established

I promised I would write a little something about the Milan Furniture Fair this year but to be honest, there wasn’t that much to write about. The weather was glorious which made the trekking around town that much more pleasant (with the odd refreshment break of course). I felt slightly out of place though, my sunglasses simply weren’t big enough!

One of my highlights was the Established & Sons presentation with an abundance of new products. I was very proud to see that one of this year’s Sons were above mentioned Ed Carpenter & André Klauser with their Easy range.

My other favourite products had to be the Font Clock by Sebastian Wrong and the geniously named Wrongwoods range by Sebastian Wrong (again) and Richard Woods.

Oh and did I mention they did put on an excellent party.

  Hairy Lady  


I know, I know, that was bad!!! Anyway, no longer content with all what Europe has to offer we looked a bit further and found Third Drawer Down, well, they found us more like. When Abi came to see us in the shop and offered us to distribute her range of great Tea-Towels, Aprons and Handkerchiefs (Artkerchiefs) we found it difficult to refuse. Third Drawer Down work with Artists and reproduce their work onto a range of high quality domestic items. And it’s obviously essential that we make that business trip to Australia soon.


We are sooooooo 21st Century here

Ok, it’s 2007 so we’re a little late, but we are proud to announce that we have our very own blog. So in addition to our newsletter we will continuously post items to our blog. We will have several people contributing towards it to make it more interesting (who’d want to listen to me all day long!!) so make sure you keep an eye on it.

At last: The thorsten van elten blog!

  New Designers  

New Designers/
One Year On

I’ve been asked to curate/present this years ONE YEAR ON at New Designers which I gladly accepted as I found some new victims/designers which I can bore to death with my wisdom. Seriously now, I’m glad to be involved and will happily support anyone who is willing to give it a go and try to establish themselves in the big bad design world. So if you’re in London during early July make sure to visit me (damn, I must remember for once this is NOT about me!!!).


One last thing

Thank you for those who have sent me all the advice on Goldfish. They are both doing very well and I’m sure we started communicating. At times I find myself staring at the bowl for minutes on end making rather strange mouth movements. By the way, they now have names: Lily and Michael.  

See you all soon and thanks for reading again.


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